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About the Artist.

Frank Coble

Frank Coble tries to combine his sense of humor with his art as much as he can. He attributes his sense of humor to growing up a middle child in a big dysfunctional family. He says, “The older I get, the more I feel like Rodney Dangerfield.” He hopes to someday have his own depression hotline for people who are depressed about getting old. (Using humor of course.) His biggest claim to fame is that he had his cartoons syndicated with King Feature Syndicate in New York for nationwide distribution to every newspaper editor in the nation. Frank’s other artistic projects include having his art licensed by Recycled Paper Greeting Card Co. His art has also been distributed internationally through the “What on Earth” Catalog and American Arts and Graphics. Recently, two of his paintings were in Edmonds Art Festival which is rated in the top 100 art festivals nationally.

How did I get my start as an artist?

Frank began drawing and competing with his older siblings in art contests at the age of three. Through his school years, he became know as the class artist (besides being a juvenile delinquent.) Later, he earned a degree in Illustration and Design from Seattle Central Community College. A big influence was his drawing instructor Bill Ryan is listed in Who’s Who in American Artist. Frank’s other big influence was painting instructor Ron Lukas. Lukas is now a scenery artist for DreamWorks Film Studio. Frank is greatly indebted to the high caliber training he has had. (His indebtedness also shows in the student loans.)

Notariety . . .

Frank’s artwork has been in over a dozen Northwest galleries from Seaside Oregon to the LaConner. One of his sailing paintings was used as the cover for 48 degrees North Sailing magazine. Frank’s artwork has been collected by many business owners, the Port of Everett and the Virginia V Restoration Foundation and comedian Robin Williams. His paintings are also displayed at the Everett Art Center, Lakeshore Gallery in Kirkland, Affishionado Gallery at Fisherman’s terminal, Serendipity Gallery in LaConner and also represented by three art galleries in Hawaii. Frank has been represented by Kirsten Art Gallery in Seattle and Kenneth Behm Galleries. Frank also has done mural work in Spain, Japan, Oregon and California. He also does 3D animation, standup comedy, songwriting, singing and guitar playing.

My Art Gallery

If you want see the original collectable paintings for sale, Frank’s art studio is located on at 1410 Post Alley half a block south of the fish throwers on lower Post Alley. (You have to call for an appointment to see originals) Frank also can be contacted for teaching art lessons, commissions from photos or painting portraits or wall murals. (Note: The art prints are produced with a 7-color Giclee printer using acid free archival paper. The printing inks are pigmented instead of dye, which have the best fade resistance according to an international research institute.

Contact Frank Coble

Contact Frank Coble at 206-992-7394 or email. Mailing address is 2430 Alki Ave. SW Seattle, WA. 98116 email letters are encouraged. I especially like hearing bad kitties and other animal stories.

Would you like to work with me?

Note. Looking for sales reps to show products to friends, pet stores, gift stores and galleries or want to have their own gallery, store or mall kiosk. Also looking for retail stores and coffee shops etc. to display art on a wholesale basis. Also looking for corporate events, schools and other groups that need an entertaining public speaker to present a digital slide show of my artwork.